Street Food Around the World

Street Food in Los Angeles: Taco truck

A Taco Truck in Los Angeles – source

Street food is a massive trend at the moment and there is a big buzz about it not only on the blogosphere but also on TV and the streets of the nation. If you’re not lucky enough to live near a city such as London which has a growing street food movement, how about sampling some of the local vendors when you are next on holiday? Rather than try the more exotic types of street food found on the streets of Thailand (rat on a stick anyone?!), and China (chicken feet sound good to you?!), we’ve compiled a collection of ‘must eat’ street food from around the world.

Banh Mi sandwich and Pho soup from Vietnam

Vietnamese Banh Mi and Pho – source

  • Vietnam

Vietnamese street food is world famous, particularly Banh Mi sandwiches and Pho. Banh Mi in this case refers to a single serving baguette filled with meat and soy fillings and accompanied by vegetables (in the roll) such as cucumber slices, pickled carrots, shredded daikon and coriander.  Pho is a Vietnamese soup which includes rice noodles, coriander, spring onion, bean sprouts and chilli and a choice of meat, soy or vegetables. Currywurst, sauerkraut, pommes mit mayo in Berlin

Currywust, Pommes mit Mayo, and Sauerkraut in Berlin - source

  • Germany

Food plays a large role in German culture – from Kaffee und Kuchen to pretzels and salamis. With regards to street food, meat is the best thing to treat yourself to. Bratwurst vendors are on every corner of the streets of Berlin and you can pick up a sausage in a bun topped with sauerkraut, or a currywurst which is the same kind of sausage cut up, slathered in curry sauce and served in a roll.   Portland Oregon USA Food Trucks

Food trucks in Portland, Oregon – source

  • USA

Los Angeles, Portland OR, and New York City are all famous for their ever-growing food truck culture, with Chicago and Washington DC not too far behind. To meet the needs of the city population, gourmet food trucks were set up – providing a decent, moveable and affordable way of catering to an enthusiastic market. Some of the most popular food truck items include hoagies, soft pretzels, grilled meats, Mexican street food and Thai curry, as well as sweet treats such as doughnuts, cupcakes and gelato.

Crepes in Paris

A Parisian Creperie – source

  • Paris

Whether sweet or savoury, crepes are an affordable way to dine and are both tasty and filling. There are many crepe stands around the city and rather than spending out on an expensive Parisian fine meal, a delicious crepe will keep you satisfied for a few Euros.

Mexican Street Food

Delicious tacos in Mexico City – source

  • Mexico

On almost every street corner of Mexico City you will find street chefs serving everything from freshly squeezed fruit juice to delectable Mexican treats. Tacos al Pastor is the most commonly found street food and comprises of chunks of marinated pork and pineapple on miniature corn tortillas – divine! And to complete your Mexican street food experience make sure that you save some room for a portion of churros – tubes of doughnut dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon sometimes served with a pot of chocolate sauce to dip into.

Hawker Center in Singapore

A typical Singaporean food court – source

  • Singapore

Singapore is synonymous with food and is well known for all of the different types of food that you can enjoy there. Hawker centres are prevalent in Singapore and are a mecca for fans of cheap and delicious food. These centres are also known as cooked food centres and are usually located near housing complexes and travel centres.

Whether you are going to jet far away or travel closer to home, make sure that you get the best value deal for a flight and hotel stay so that you have money to spend on all of the different street foods available. There is so much to enjoy, so tuck in!